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Drift Boat

If Lake Ontario Fishing is not your thing, consider a drift trip on the Salmon River. Drift boats are designed specifically to run rivers and as such are incredibly maneuverable in mild to moderate current which will make your drift boat trip an experience to remember. Powered by only oars, drift boats allow a skilled guide the ability to accurately position the boat in a channel or tributary. The team at Orca Charters has significant  experience in many areas with their boat and a long history of connecting fishermen with fish.

Drift Boat Specifications:

  • Willie Aluminum: 18’ Long x 60” Bottom with 84” beam
  • Dual Propane heaters keep the client and crew warm on those brisk mornings
  • Fish Box
  • A 9.9 HP Yamaha 4 stroke is used with this boat for fishing in the estuaries

Drift Boat Fishing:

  • We often use this boat to fish the Salmon River or Black River
  • Depending on the target species, time of year, or body of water we may fish as follows:
    • float fishing with beads and eggs sacks
    • back trolling with plugs
    • center pin fishing
  • Rods, Reels & Tackle Provided
  • Ice and cooler supplied while on the boat
  • All individuals are required to have a valid NYS Fishing License (you do not need a fishing license under 16 years of age)
  • We are Fully Insured.

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